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Incidents Will Become Opportunities For Growth | 2023 Predictions By


Guest: Nora Jones (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: (Twitter) is an end-to-end incident management platform that allows companies to thoroughly review and identify patterns in their incidents to make informed decisions. In this episode of 2023 Predictions, Founder and CEO Nora Jones shares what’s on her industry radar this new year.

In 2023, Jones sees the following trends:

  • To allocate responsibility and accountability, organizations will adopt blame-aware cultures, i.e., allowing folks to be comfortable speaking about their roles in the systems and allowing folks to be comfortable naming the individuals involved.
  • Organizations will shift away from MTTR and towards understanding where coordination failed during the incident, marking those points in time and understanding who they needed, how they needed people, how hard it was to respond — those are the things that will really help them in the future.
  • Organizations will view incidents as opportunities for growth, i.e., they will actually allocate something towards a promotion ladder and they will get their best engineers doing incident reviews.

This year, Jeli will focus on:

  • Collaboration and helping organizations get more out of their incidents and socialize it with colleagues and other teams, instead of doing incident reviews in a vacuum.
  • Fine-tuning the Narrative Builder.

Companies will be challenged with

  • Getting organizational buy-in for proper incident reviews. While executives understand that it’s important, they have not allocated enough time, money as well as their top engineers to do it.
  • Not knowing where to start. They need guidance and some structure in place in order to implement proper incident reviews.

This summary was written by Camille Gregory.

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