Industry Consolidation Will Continue To Happen In 2022 | Alex Gounares


Guest: Alex Gounares (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Polyverse Corporation (Twitter)
Show: 2022 Prediction Series

Alex Gounares, CEO of Polyverse Corporation, made two big predictions on our show last year: one was that there would be industry consolidation in the cybersecurity field and the second was that zero trust would go from zero trust networking to zero trust everywhere, zero trust to everything. Interestingly, both his predictions actually came true. For 2022, Gounares has two big predictions again. “The first is that the industry consolidation will continue to happen. It might be a slightly slower pace than it was in 2021, but there’s still a lot of need out there, a lot of fabulous companies that are building some very innovative products,” he says.

Gounares also believes that Blockchain is going to be the very fundamental technology for cybersecurity technologies as well as cybersecurity products in 2022. Check out the above video for more details.

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