Instana Introduces New Profiling Functionality For Node.js, Go


Instana has introduced a set of enhanced troubleshooting and monitoring capabilities for developers with new always-on production profiling solutions for Node.js and Go applications, as well as automatic tracing of Python Serverless functions running on AWS Lambda.

Instana’s new profiling functionality for Node.js and Go, available for free to all Instana APM users, automatically captures profiles for every process in production without impacting resource overhead or application performance. Like other performance entities inside Instana’s solutions, profiles are available to Instana’s Unbounded Analytics engine, allowing patterns across multiple profiles to be discovered and analyzed collaboratively.

Moreover, Instana said that it has also extended its AutoTrace features to automatically trace Python functions on Lambda AWS. The new native tracing capability collects a trace for every request independent of X-Ray, all without code modifications.

Unlike traditional APM tools, Instana’s automated Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution is said to discover all application service components and application infrastructure, including Cloud infrastructure such as AWS and Lambda, orchestration infrastructure like Kubernetes and Docker, application services and DevOps processes.

Instana’s always-on profiling capabilities automatically attaches to Node.js, Go, and Java processes, with no restarts or manual configuration. This allows all application stakeholders across development organizations to get the exact data they need, when they need it, to understand how their code impacts overall service performance and where the opportunities to optimize performance and scalability exist.

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