Instana has announced new monitoring and tracing capabilities for applications running on AWS Fargate. Instana is said to be the first APM solution to provide automated Fargate application monitoring that captures a distributed trace of every application request.

Instana’s monitoring and tracing capabilities on Fargate work the same way as Instana’s other infrastructure, service and application functionality. These include automatic deployment, configuration, monitoring and tracing of all requests with zero development involvement.

Today’s announcement follows recent releases of support for natively monitoring, tracing and profiling Lambda serverless functions.

As the company puts it, one key advantage of Instana’s native monitoring solution is the ability to connect serverless performance data with other platforms. This allowing complete captures of distributed traces and inclusion of serverless information in the company’s analytics engine called Unbounded Analytics.

The latest serverless monitoring features for Fargate and Lambda are available in the product today, along with End User Monitoring, automatic profiling and the analytics engine.

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