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Interview with Puppet CTO Deepak Giridharagopal


Puppet is evolving, responding to the change IT and Cloud-Native landscape. To better understand this evolution and what strategy Puppet has for 2021 and the future, we invited Puppet CTO Deepak Giridharagopal to our show.

[su_note note_color=”#e4e4e4″ text_color=”#000″ class=”hvr-grow” ] Puppet makes infrastructure actionable, scalable and intelligent. From the data center to the cloud, Puppet helps enterprises modernize and manage their infrastructure to deliver innovation and efficiency through continuous automation. More than 40,000 organizations — including more than 80 percent of the Global 5000 — have benefited from Puppet’s open source and commercial solutions to ensure business continuity, optimize costs, boost compliance and ensure security — all while accelerating the adoption of DevOps practices and delivery of self-service. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Puppet is a privately held company with offices in London, Belfast, Singapore and Sydney. [/su_note]

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