JFrog has launched what it claims to be the first free, security-focused central repository of Helm charts for the community. Called ChartCenter, the repository allows developers to access consistent versions of any publicly available Helm charts.

ChartCenter joins the JFrog “centers” family, already encompassing GoCenter, ConanCenter and JCenter as hubs for immutable artifacts. JFrog said its centers are provided as free services, which already support millions of developers globally.

Organizations can use ChartCenter to find immutable and highly available versions of Helm charts and can even add their own, JFrog said. ChartCenter is now available.

ChartCenter was built with the help of Rimas Mocevicius, the co-creator of Helm, to address the needs of the Kubernetes developer community. Helm is an application package manager running atop Kubernetes that simplifies the process of defining, storing, and managing applications through convenient Helm charts.

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