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Kasten By Veeam Adds Support For AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere


Guest: Gaurav Rishi (LinkedIn)
Company: Kasten by Veeam (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

Kasten by Veeam recently announced support for AWS Marketplace for Containers Anywhere, along with a new channel for hybrid deployments. According to Gaurav Rishi, VP of Products at Kasten by Veeam, “If you look at Kasten, we’ve always had three use cases that we’ve talked about: Backup, disaster recovery, and application mobility.” Rishi continues, “So a lot of people look at Kubernetes also to give the promise of portability. And from our perspective, we’ve always talked about having the concept of being able to take a backup and then rehydrate it in a completely different environment.”

This is precisely what Kasten K10 has always been designed to do, make sure that containers, regardless of where they are, can be supported anywhere.

Who will benefit from this? To that, Rishi focuses on CloudOps and DevOps who are looking to make certain all of their Kubernetes-based applications they’ve deployed to hybrid locations are protected. The key benefits users will find are deploy anywhere, license portability, enhanced security, and transaction benefits. On these benefits, Rishi adds, “They have disaster recovery in place for regulatory reasons, compliance reasons. And the key benefits that I see of Kasten K10, going ahead and increasing its presence on the AWS Marketplace. We always had AWS Marketplace listings, which were for a fully featured free edition.”

Kasten is also betting big on the freedom of choice. On that subject, Rishi says, “We want to make sure that our customers do have the diversity of choice moving forward. And we already are available, for example, on the Google Cloud Marketplace. We are already listed on the Azure Marketplace, as well as on the Red Hat OpenShift Marketplace.”

Other things Kasten has in the pipeline include direct integration with EBS to include snapshooting, integration with Amazon S3 with resilience storage, integration with Amazon EKS for a seamless, easy Kasten installation, IM goal mapping so users can easily backup across regions, integration with Amazon databases, and extensible blueprints.

The summary of the show is written by Jack Wallen

Topics we covered include:

  • What is the idea behind this new service?
  • How is Kasten by Veeam planning to support Containers Anywhere?
  • Who is going to benefit from this support and how?
  • While this announcement is about AWS, will Kasten continue to offer support for offerings of other clouds as well?
  • What are the other areas where you are working with AWS? Can you talk about things in the pipeline?

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