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Kasten by Veeam Launches Free Educational Platform For Kubernetes


Kasten by Veeam has announced the launch of the Kasten Kubernetes Learning Series, a free educational program designed to improve the Kubernetes skill sets of all levels of practitioners, including novices, developers, operations and Kubernetes administrators. Self-paced, interactive, and hands-on, the program offers expert instruction, resources, and tools for all Kubernetes users.

Tapping into the vast Kubernetes expertise of industry leaders and Kasten by Veeam’s in-house team, users will have the opportunity to develop in-demand technical skills with coursework, training materials, and Kubernetes certification programs spanning cloud native fundamentals and open source technologies. Also included are insights into application mobility, backup, and disaster recovery in cloud native environments.

Also available will be the first full learning module, Kubernetes Principles, which includes three hands on 60 minute labs:

Lab 1 - Build your first Kubernetes cluster
Lab 2 - Installing and exploring an application
Lab 3 - Backing up an application

As users complete labs, they will be awarded badges to acknowledge their accomplishments. Additional modules will be launched soon and led by Michael Cade, Senior Global Technologist and Community Evangelist, Kasten by Veeam, along with Kubernetes community leaders. Adds GraphQL Support Into Gloo Mesh, Gloo Edge

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