Komodor ‘Workflows’ Automates Troubleshooting Common Errors In Kubernetes


Komodor has launched a new experience code-named Workflows that helps developers automate troubleshooting common errors in Kubernetes. Leveraging Komodor’s change intelligence capabilities, Workflow’s smart algorithm automatically detects Kubernetes issues and responds with a series of checks that quickly pinpoint its root cause.

The feature also uses the information to provide made-to-measure instruction for remediation, turning troubleshooting into a fast and effortless experience for dev and ops.

The early beta version for Workflows is already being used by a select group of beta customers, and Komodor team is now focusing on collecting feedback and expanding coverage, to include all issues impacting Kubernetes deployments.

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In parallel, the team is planning to add a layer of customization that will allow platform admins to create their own playbooks, granularly addressing the specific needs of their organization.

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