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Kong Konnect Available In Private Beta


Kong has announced the private beta release of Kong Konnect, a full-stack platform for cloud native applications delivered as a service.

At the heart of Kong Konnect is the new ServiceHub. It features a runtime manager that enables self-service provisioning and day-2 operations of Kong runtimes across different cloud and Kubernetes providers, as well as on-premises.

Kong Konnect provides end users with instant access to tools to help with secure service connectivity across their APIs and microservices.

It helps developers, architects and operators simplify complex workflows across API gateway, Kubernetes Ingress and service mesh runtimes. This allows Kong Konnect users “to accelerate application development cycles by seamlessly delivering connectivity at the edge”, within their applications and between applications.

Kong Konnect is claimed to use a modular approach, in which end users can access capabilities delivered as functional modules and provision different types of runtimes on-demand without requiring purchase of the entire platform.

Moreover, users can select and consume only the features they need directly through the Kong Konnect interface.

Kong Konnect is now available as private beta for Kong customers. The platform will be generally available in early 2021.

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