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Kyligence Cloud 4.5 Powers Interactive Data Applications, Ad-Hoc Analytics And More


Kyligence has announced Kyligence Cloud 4.5, a self-tuning analytics platform that powers interactive data applications, dashboards, ad-hoc analytics, and real-time streaming data. Kyligence Cloud 4.5, the intelligent data cloud for petabyte-scale analytics, extends performance improvements beyond the distributed OLAP capabilities of Apache Kylin.

With the addition of Kyligence Smart Tiered Storage and the integrated Clickhouse database, Kyligence is claimed to be the only solution on the market capable of accelerating analytical queries and ad-hoc analysis in a single platform. Additionally, with new Kyligence Real-Time, Kyligence now supports a hybrid analytics model that can analyze both historical data and real-time data sources.

Kyligence Tiered Storage provides a cloud-native way to deploy, maintain and accelerate different types of queries with a single, multimodal AI-augmented analytics engine.

According to the company, the integration of Clickhouse – the high-performance open source OLAP database – improves the performance of both ad-hoc and detailed queries. With cloud object storage/HDFS and Clickhouse serving as two available storage tiers, Kyligence covers queries of all kinds – controlled and optimized by the same AI-augmented engine. With Kyligence Smart Tiered Storage, business users can still rely on the Unified Semantic Layer using their preferred visualization tool without the need to know the underlying computation and storage mechanism.

Kyligence Real-Time helps provide maximum data freshness for businesses who wish to conduct data monitoring and hybrid analysis of historical data and current data by offering a low latency, real-time query engine.

Kyligence Cloud 4.5 will be generally available at the end of August 2021 on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, with support for Google Cloud Platform to follow.

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