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Kyligence Recognized In 2022 Gartner Innovation Insight Report On Metrics Store


Kyligence has been recognized as a Representative Provider in the 2022 Gartner Innovation Insight: Metrics Store. The company is participating as an Exhibitor at the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo Orlando, Florida where it will demonstrate its “One-Stop-Shop Metrics Platform.” Kyligence Zen provides metrics management capabilities that allow enterprises to easily generate and manage metrics definitions from existing BI systems and data warehouse systems.

In the Innovation Insight for Metrics Store report, Gartner recognizes Kyligence among other vendors Gartner states that “Metrics stores, which play as a stand-alone layer sitting between data warehouses and downstream analytics tools, attract data and analytics leaders’ attention for their ability to drive metrics standardization. They aim to decentralize and democratize the ability to build and publish enterprise-wide metrics, reducing the repetitive work with the “build once, use many” vision”.

According to Gartner, data and analytics leaders should build a single source of trust in metrics by engaging business users with a metrics store to collaborate and reposit the reusable metrics, improve the governance within the analytics catalog by connecting to different tools and incorporating metrics stores to manage the life cycle metrics generation and adopt a “push” way for insight generation for business applications by adopting a metrics store that reposits the metrics in a headless format for faster delivery of insights.

Kyligence Zen is built on top of Kyligence’s high-performance OLAP platform and leveraging its AI-augmented engine to identify datasets and metrics automatically.

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