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Label Studio Version 1.7 Features An Advanced Rendering Engine, Terraform Support And More


Label Studio v1.7, the open source data labeling platform to support all data types—video, image, text and hypertext, time-series and audio, is now available. The latest release adds support for Terraform and improvements to Helm charts for Kubernetes to ease the deployment and management of Label Studio.

New audio labeling features in version 1.7 include: an advanced rendering engine that displays audio waveforms with a highly responsive and performant interface; granular, up-to-the-millisecond controls for fine-grained annotation control; and new, highly configurable UI that improves audio labeling efficiency and ergonomics.

This release also includes two major updates to simplify the deployment and management of the Label Studio application: scripted, full infrastructure provisioning with Terraform; and scalable service management on Kubernetes with Helm chart deployment.

The 1.7 release is ready to install or upgrade today, and new features are available in the Label Studio Enterprise SaaS or supported on-prem offering from Heartex.

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