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Let’s Talk With The Core Maintainers Of CBT Tape Project


Guests: Lionel Dyck | Sam Golob
John Mertic (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Organization/Company: Open Mainframe Project (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

CBT Tape is an open library of free software distribution for the IBM mainframe Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) and OS/390 and z/OS operating system environments that continues to evolve to meet today’s modern needs.

The CBT Tape project was founded by Arnold Casinghino some 46 years ago.  Lionel B. Dyck took over the maintenance of the project from Casinghino and has been one of the major contributors to the project and still continues to enhance it.

CBT Tape is now an Open Mainframe Project (OMP) benefiting from its resources and infrastructure. To learn more about CBT Tape, its usage and the community, we sat down with Lionel Dyck, Contributor to OMP’s CBT Tape; Sam Golob, Editor of OMP’s CBT Tape; and John Mertic, Director of Program Management for Open Mainframe Project at the Linux Foundation.

Topics we covered in this discussion include:

  • What is CBT Tape?
  • Who is still using CBT Tape?
  • Why did the CBT Tape project come to the Open Mainframe Project?
  • What kind of support is the Open Mainframe Project offering to CBT Tape?
  • One of the core contributors to the project, Lionel Dyke, shares his journey: When he got started with the project and what kind of contributions he had made to the project.
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