Lightbend, Hexaware To Deliver Scalable Back-End Services For Business-Critical Applications


Cloud native company Lightbend has joined hands with Hexaware, a global IT services company, to deliver scalable back-end services for business-critical applications. As part of the alliance, Hexaware will leverage Lightbend’s Akka Platform and new Akka Serverless technology to help their joint customers create transformative solutions with an eye to customer satisfaction.

Hexaware will also provide consulting to the joint customers on how to get the most out of Lightbend technologies as these enterprises build new cloud-native applications designed to serve millions of users in real-time.

In addition to helping Hexaware’s customers build their own services using the Akka Platform, Lightbend will also make available its Akka Serverless solution, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that sets a new standard for cloud native application development. Akka Serverless is based on a new architecture that removes the historical limitations that prevented the development of general-purpose, business-critical applications using the serverless model, enables the creation of cloud native apps using any programming language, and eliminates the need for databases in deploying business-critical applications.

Hexaware brings the cloud migration and modernization capabilities of Amaze with the expertise to leverage the best of Lightbend technologies to help customers deploy at scale and quickly recover from failure while capturing incremental revenue and realizing efficiencies.

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