LightStep Tracing Public Beta Is Now Available


Distributed tracing company LightStep has announced the availability of LightStep Tracing as a public beta.

According to the company, LightStep Tracing is the fastest way for developers and DevOps to adopt distributed tracing. For the uninitiated, distributed tracing is a technique used to improve the performance and reliability of modern distributed architectures, like microservices and serverless.

LightStep Tracing is said to deliver the analytical capabilities of LightStep’s [x]PM performance monitoring product in a package designed to accelerate tracing adoption across an engineering organization.

Google was the first to deploy basic distributed tracing in production. That project, called Dapper, analyzes more than 2 billion transactions per second, helping Google’s developers make sense of their large-scale distributed systems.

LightStep Tracing has access to 100% of the unsampled data, unlimited cardinality, automatic pattern detection, mobile and web support, and OpenTracing-native instrumentation, the company added.

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