LinearB’s New Tool Helps Dev Teams With Improved Visibility, Faster Delivery


LinearB, the team behind Software Delivery Intelligence, has announced a new, essential tool for dev teams to ship faster with higher quality.

Correlating Git and project management data, LinearB delivers dashboards, reports and real-time alerts of how teams actually work to predict and eliminate project delays, remediate high-risk code, remove cycle bottlenecks, illuminate shadow work and ensure focus on high-priority tasks.

LinearB said it automatically constructs and visualizes detailed progress timelines for open project issues with zero manual inputs and synchronizes updates to project systems eliminating costly developer interruptions.

The platform automates the collection and display of team and project performance data that typically takes data engineers hours to compile manually.

Developers get insight about their work where they live in Slack and Git, dev team leads get clear visibility from the first-ever project board with a full Git activity timeline for every issue, and VPs of Engineering get actionable team-based metrics that empower daily improvement.

The company added that the result is a new data-driven approach to building and delivering software as a team. LinearB flags which teams and projects need help so dev leaders know where their time and attention can do the most good each day.

Further, teams are alerted in real-time to project risks, delays and dependencies so they can course correct and deliver more features faster.

LinearB also provides data-driven dashboards for stand-up, retro, sprint planning and release planning meetings. It also gives real-time visibility into projects without the need for manual updates, interruptions or status meetings, empowering hybrid remote teams to work async.

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