Linus Torvalds explains why he created Git


Git will be celebrating it’s 10 anniversary this month. It’s yet another contribution of Linus Torvalds to the world, in addition to Sub-Surface and Linux. Jennifer Cloer of The Linux Foundation interviewed the father of Linux and presented us with a very comprehensive story behind Git.

When Cloer asked Linus why he created Git, his answer was:

“I really never wanted to do source control management at all and felt that it was just about the least interesting thing in the computing world (with the possible exception of databases ;^), and I hated all SCM’s with a passion.”

He then played with BitKeeper which he initially liked as in his own words:

“BK got most things right and having a local copy of the repository and distributed merging was a big deal.”

But he was not satisfied:

“I had performance requirements that were not even remotely satisfied by what was available, and I also worried about integrity of the code and the whole workflow, so I ended up just deciding to write my own.”

And the rest is history. Today GitHub is the world’s biggest  code hoster in the world with over 9 million users and over 21.1 million repositories.

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