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Linux Foundation Launches AgStack For Agriculture


The Linux Foundation is launching a new foundation for the agriculture community called AgStack. We invited Sumer Johal, Executive Director of AgStack to learn more about the project. “AgStack is a community project that’s designed to build digital infrastructure for the entire global community involved in agriculture,” said Johal.

The world of agriculture is going through a digital transformation. This transformation needs to benefit from a common community-contained, neutral and trusted infrastructure that enables the applications to both be created and be consumed with scale, lower friction, lower cost, and higher security and high accessibility.

What AgStack is doing is “taking all of this already existing proliferation of body of work, which is relevant for agriculture, and sewing it all together to create a common, free digital infrastructure so that people can create applications without the friction that is there today,” averred Johal.

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, we discussed a number of topics, including the focus and scope of the AgStack Foundation, what kind of community and ecosystem Johal is envisioning to build around the project, how it will leverage existing open source projects and how it will collaborate with other LF members.

[su_note note_color=”#000″ text_color=”#fff”]Sumer Johal is a seasoned business leader with over two decades of experience in building, advising and managing data and technology companies with high-performance teams across multiple industries and geographies.[/su_note]

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