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Linux Foundation To Host 7 Call For Code For Racial Justice Projects


The Linux Foundation will host seven projects from Call for Code for Racial Justice, an initiative driven by IBM and Creator David Clark Cause to urge the global developer ecosystem and open source community to contribute to solutions that can help confront racial inequalities.

As part of the announcement, the Linux Foundation and IBM unveiled two new solution starters——⁠Fair Change and TakeTwo.

Fair Change is a platform to help record, catalog, and access evidence of potentially racially charged incidents to help enable transparency, reeducation and reform as a matter of public interest and safety.

Fair Change consists of a mobile application for iOS and Android built using React Native, an API for capturing data from various sources built using Node JS. It also includes a website with a geospatial map view of incidents built using Google Maps and React. Data can be stored in a cloud hosted database and object store.

TakeTwo aims to help mitigate bias in digital content, whether it is overt or subtle, with a focus on text across news articles, headlines, web pages, blogs, and even code.

The solution is designed to provide a consistent set of language recommendations, leveraging directories of inclusive terms compiled by sources like the Inclusive Naming Initiative, which was co-founded by the Linux Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, IBM, Red Hat, Cisco, and VMware. The terminology is categorized and can be used to train an AI model to enhance its accuracy over time.

TakeTwo is built using open source technologies including Python, FastAPI and Docker. The API can be run locally with an Adobe CouchDB backend database or IBM Cloudant database. IBM has already deployed TakeTwo within its existing IBM Developer tools that are used to publish new content produced by hundreds of IBMers each week.

TakeTwo is being trialed by IBM for the IBM Developer website content.

In addition to the two new solution starters, the Linux Foundation will now host five existing and evolving open source projects from Call for Code for Racial Justice:Five Fifths Voter, Legit-Info, Incident Accuracy Reporting System, Open Sentencing, and Truth Loop.

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