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Linux Foundation To Support seL4 Foundation


The Linux Foundation will be hosting seL4 Foundation, the nonprofit organization established by Data61 (the digital specialist arm for Australia’s national science agency CSIRO). The seL4 microkernel is designed to ensure the security, safety and reliability of real-world critical computer systems.

  • The new Foundation aims to accelerate the commercial development of seL4 and related technologies, and under the Linux Foundation will provide a global, independent and neutral organization for funding and steering the future evolution of seL4.
  • Founding members include Data61, UNSW Sydney, HENSOLDT Cyber GmbH, Ghost Locomotion Inc, Cog Systems, Inc, and DornerWorks Ltd.
  • The seL4 microkernel is claimed to be the world’s first operating system with a proof of implementation correctness and presents a combination of assurance, generality and performance.
  • The seL4 Foundation provides a forum for developers to collaborate on growing and integrating the seL4 ecosystem.

“The Linux Foundation will support the seL4 Foundation and community by providing expertise and services to increase community engagement, contributors and adopters, helping to take the OS ecosystem to the next level,” said Michael Dolan, VP of strategic programs, the Linux Foundation.