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LitmusChaos Is Now A CNCF Incubating Project


The CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) has voted to approve LitmusChaos’ move from the CNCF Sandbox to Incubation level. The Litmus project was started in 2017 to provide simple chaos jobs in Kubernetes. It became a CNCF sandbox project in 2020 and today has maintainers from 5 different organizations across cloud native vendors, solution providers, and end users.

The project is used in production by more than 25 organizations, including large end users like Intuit, Lenskart, and Orange, and technology organizations like Red Hat and VMware.

LitmusChaos 2.0 was released in August and brought improved scalability along with new features, including testing against and measuring outputs from the steady-state hypothesis and an increased set of Prometheus metrics for instrumenting application dashboards for better observability. Since the beginning of the year, Litmus operator installations have grown from 50 per day to more than 2,000 daily.

The project roadmap includes a number of new features and collaboration with other CNCF projects in the areas of continuous delivery and service mesh to enable a holistic view of cloud native environments. New features will include an increased set of experiments both for Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes targets, improved observability and integration with other platforms via OpenTelemetry, and more.

“Chaos engineering techniques enable organizations to cultivate reliability and robustness into their production environments,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO of CNCF. “This practice will be key to building robust systems and LitmusChaos has already seen success among organizations looking to improve the resilience of their production deployments. We look forward to continuing to cultivate the growth of the LitmusChaos community and spreading chaos engineering practices.”

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