Loft Announces New Integrations With GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD

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Loft Labs has announced integrations with GitHub Actions and GitLab CI/CD to help users create ephemeral Kubernetes clusters in order to preview applications and run test suites as part of CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) pipelines. A Terraform and additional integrations with other popular provisioning tools are planned to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Now, with Loft, developers have the option to create lightweight Kubernetes-based ephemeral environments in the form of isolated namespaces and virtual Kubernetes clusters. These isolated namespaces are created automatically and cluster admins can enable strict workload and tenant isolation, so that organizations can host multiple teams and their applications in the same clusters without running into conflicts and without compromising cluster security and stability.

“Our integrations will allow organizations to further shift left and to speed up software deployments by enabling engineers to spin up ephemeral Kubernetes clusters,” said Fabian Kramm, CTO of Loft Labs.

CEO Lukas Gentele will be speaking about the company’s open-source technology vcluster at this year’s KubeCon North America in Los Angeles.

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