CloudDevOpsNews’s Prometheus-as-a-Service Now Generally Available

0 has announced the general availability of Prometheus-as-a-Service for their Infrastructure Monitoring solution.’s new Prometheus-as-a-Service enhances the company’s observability platform and enables engineers to more easily scale cloud and Kubernetes workloads without the overhead or complexity of managing siloed open source tools.

With’s Prometheus-as-a-Service, engineers can now continue scraping their metrics with Prometheus, while offloading the metrics storage to This has the added benefit of correlating metrics alongside logs and traces all in one unified observability platform, the company said.

Prometheus users can now easily send their metrics to’s Prometheus-as-a-Service by adding just a few lines of code to their configuration files to get started in seconds. In addition, users can also easily import all their dashboards to and complete the migration in a matter of minutes.

The launch of Prometheus-as-a-Service reflects’s commitment to empowering the open source monitoring ecosystem, as the product extends’s unified, open source and SaaS-based observability platform.

Prometheus-as-a-Service accelerates the ability of DevOps and SRE’s to unify and correlate logs and metrics for faster troubleshooting, incident response and remediation.

Additional product highlights include: correlate logs, metrics and traces for accurate incident detection and investigation; easy migration from Prometheus to; and advanced dashboards, among others.