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Low-Code/No-Code Test Automation In Salesforce Ecosystem With Provar


One of the biggest challenges for Salesforce testing is that it’s a constantly evolving platform. They continue to bring out new products through innovation or acquisition; Slack is a great example. While customers love this constantly improving environment, it becomes a major headache for dev teams responsible for testing as they can’t keep up with it. It becomes very expensive to maintain and it also means that customers might not be doing enough testing. That’s where Provar comes to the rescue.

“Our unique approach is that we actually use something that Salesforce provides. It’s called metadata that allows us to be very smart and deliver unbreakable test cases for large Salesforce implementations,” says Geraint Waters, CEO and Co-Founder, Provar.

Provar’s approach is quite smart as they used polymorphing that allows them to take a single test case that covers many different scenarios such as multiple users, different browsers, and even different languages.

To make it even simpler for users, Provar has embraced a no-code approach so both technical and non-technical teams at companies can easily create and execute tests without compromising results.

Given the growing shortage of cloud skills as well as the growing adoption of cloud-native technologies, this no-code approach becomes even more critical to new businesses that can’t hire the technical expertise they need.

“I think it’s really interesting actually from the skills perspective as environments such as Salesforce are bringing in new people who don’t know the technology, but they’re upskilling them really quickly with great online training and a great ecosystem,” adds Waters. “We recently sponsored Supermums, which is trying to encourage mothers back into the workplace.”

Another realistic aspect of these new businesses is that they will have a mix of teams – highly technical teams driving core development and operations and non-technical teams. Provar helps bridge the gap between these two teams so they can continue to work together.

Check out the interview on YouTube to learn more about how Provar is helping teams in the Salesforce environment.

Guest: Geraint Waters (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Provar (Twitter)
Keywords: Test Automation, Salesforce Ecosystem, Low Code/No Code
Show: Let’s Talk

About Geraint Waters: Geraint Waters began his career in technology and innovation as an IT Consultant for PWC in 1999. After advancing his leadership at UBS Investment Bank and Barclays, Geraint and his co-founders saw a high market need for a no-code Salesforce test automation and founded Provar in 2014. For nearly a decade, he has scaled his global teams as CEO/Co-Founder, while continuing to bring new solutions to enterprise customers. When not at work, Geraint enjoys rooting for Liverpool and spending time with his two children and wife in Beckenham, Southeast London.

About Provar: Provar pairs intuitive testing solutions with world-class service to help teams capitalize on their Salesforce investment with a robust and scalable solution designed to improve release agility, drive down system errors and advance innovation.

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