Most Tech Firm Are Ready for digital transformation: AVANT


Majority of enterprise customers today work with trusted advisors (including consultants, agents, and other third parties) to help make and execute tech-purchasing decisions, according to AVANT’s latest State of Disruption study.

The survey was primarily aimed at revealing the state of digital transformation efforts. Also, it sought to disclose the roles trusted advisors and other third parties play in the process and the rate at which disruptive technologies are replacing legacy tools.

AVANT said it examined four key components of enterprise tech stacks — compute IT infrastructure, voice infrastructure, network infrastructure and cybersecurity — with an eye on how companies are shifting from physical and/or in-house solutions to third-party and/or cloud-based solutions.

Eighty-five percent of the technology leaders said their companies have a digital transformation plan in place. And most of these leaders are confident about their companies’ ability to fulfill
digital transformation initiatives, with 55 percent being extremely confident.

The report said that 74 percent of companies that see themselves as leaders in innovation rely upon trusted advisors for assistance in IT technology decision making. Additionally, 58 percent of respondents cited increased agility, flexibility and scalability as the most important reason for IT decision-making.

Interestingly, 74 percent of technology decision-makers are more likely than not to feel a cyberattack could cost them their job.

The report surveyed 300 U.S. enterprise technology leaders at the manager level and above who lead tech purchasing decisions.

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