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Making Open Source Ceph Easy To Use | Jason Van der Schyff – SoftIron


SoftIron offers Ceph powered storage appliance that enables users to use fully optimized Ceph without any complexity. We sat down with Jason Van der Schyff, VP, Operations of SoftIron to understand their custom build Ceph appliance.

Host: Swapnil Bhartiya (Editor-In-Chief – TFiR.io)
Guest: Jason Van der Schyff, VP, Operations of SoftIron
Learn more about SoftIron’s Ceph powered Storage Solutions

Topics Discussed:
00:00:11 What does SoftIron do?
00:00:25 What has been your experience at the summit so far?
00:00:43 Relationship between Ceph and OpenStack
00:01:37 Explain, what is a Ceph Appliance?
00:04:31 Who are your typical customers?
00:06:19 What kind of support do you offer?
00:07:05 Debian GNU/Linux based SoftIron OS
00:07:50 SoftIron’s involvement with Open Source projects
00:08:56 The goal is to make Ceph as better as we can
00:09:10 Hobbies of Jason Van der Schyff

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