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Manage Secure Access to Kubernetes With Rafay’s Paralus


Rafay Systems is in the Kubernetes operations space, and their SaaS platform helps organizations get control over their Kubernetes fleet. Their new open source project called Paralus, aims to help manage secure access to Kubernetes from anywhere.

One of the challenges of the pandemic was developers working from home struggling to access their Kubernetes clusters that were behind firewalls with VPNs and Bastion. Rafay Systems created their enterprise zero-trust access solution to tackle this problem, but the company saw it also as an opportunity to give back to the community, and Paralus is the result of this.

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Mohan Atreya, SVP of Product and Solutions, Rafay Systems, to introduce us to the company and tell us about their enterprise zero-trust access solution and why they decided to offer it as an open source version.

  • Developers working from home during the pandemic were struggling to access their Kubernetes clusters running behind firewalls, having to run VPNs and Bastion. This led to creating their enterprise zero-trust access solution. Atreya explains how they are helping tackle this challenge and why they decided to create Paralus.
  • Rafay Systems is planning on contributing the open source project to CNCF. Atreya discusses what stage in the process they are at. He hopes that it will attract other companies’ contributions and new use cases.
  • Unlike other companies who may offer fewer features with an open source offering compared to an enterprise version, or add in a support license, Rafay Systems wants to provide the same features for both the open source and enterprise versions. Atreya tells us why the company decided to take this approach.
  • Atreya feels that for Ops and SREs, their focus is mainly on availability, uptime, and automation, and security can come after that. It can be challenging to navigate the security issues, particularly with more users needing access. Atreya explains why he feels security needs to be part of the package rather than an afterthought and why access control is so critical to get right.
  • It can be complicated for organizations to manage many users needing access to Kubernetes clusters, when they are constantly moving across business units and changing roles, or having a fleet of clusters to manage. Atreya discusses the reasons why organizations may need access control and how their solutions can help.

Connect with Mohan Atreya (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Learn more about Rafay Systems (Twitter)

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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