Mavenlink Launches Team Builder, Configurable Resource Recommendations


Cloud-based software company Mavenlink has announced Team Builder and configurable resource recommendations to help services leaders make more efficient project-staffing decisions that align with business goals.

Team Builder is claimed to provide a powerful algorithmic engine that evaluates every possible staffing combination and arrives at the best overall fit for each project.

Configurable resource recommendations powers Mavenlink Team Builder. The tool enables resource managers “to assemble the best teams for their unique project requirements”.

Armed with this capability, services organizations can uncover hidden opportunities to effectively address resource demand, increasing the speed and precision of project delivery.

These resource recommendations help with surfacing best-fit resource matches to accelerate staffing decisions and saving resource managers time sifting through availability data.

They also enable flagging the margin impact of different candidates before staffing and weighing attribute criteria when searching for candidates to reflect project strategy.

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