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Meet FledgePOWER, A Bridge Between Legacy & Modern Power Systems


Guests: Akli Rahmoun (LinkedIn)
Benoît Jeanson (LinkedIn)
Company: RTE (Twitter)
Organization: LF Energy (Twitter)

FledgePOWER is a relatively new project at LF Energy that’s created to build a bridge between legacy and modern power systems through a multi-protocol translation gateway. It’s based on the industrial IoT LF Edge project called Fledge. To learn more about the project, we invited two guests from RTE — Akli Rahmoun, Technical Leader of the FledgePOWER project at LF Energy and Benoît Jeanson, R&D Project Manager at RTE.

Enjoy the show in the video above!

Topics covered in this show:

  • What’s the genesis of the project? What problem were you trying to solve that led to the creation of this project?
  • Rahmoun explains what exactly is the multi-protocol translation and what role it plays within power systems.
  • What was the need for protocol translation? Rahmoun also mentioned legacy protocols so what was the need for modern protocols?
  • We then talked about the governance of the project within LF Energy.
  • The FledePOWER project is based on Fledge so there are multiple communities that have a vested interest in the project. So what kind of community is there around the FledgePOWER project?
  • What kind of interest is there in the project by the international communities, beyond the US and Europe.
  • What are the core components of the project?
  • What is the current focus of the project?
  • What exactly are these protocols and how flexible are they so they can work with other systems?
  • What’s the difference between Grid eXchange Fabric and FledgePOWER?
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