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Meet The New CEO Of Gremlin


Guests: Josh Leslie (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Kolton Andrus (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Gremlin (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

Gremlin, the Chaos Engineering company, has brought on Josh Leslie, the former CEO of Cumulus Networks, as its CEO. Kolton Andrus, who co-founded the company in 2016, has taken on the role of CTO to drive the company’s product and engineering organizations. We invited Leslie and Andrus to our show Let’s Talk to discuss more about the company, Chaos Engineering and its cultural aspect, the leadership change, and more.

Some bytes from this show:

  • What is Gremlin all about?

“Gremlin has driven this idea of Chaos Engineering in the marketplace. It’s really all about building resilient systems, resilient applications, and reliability into your engineering process”- Josh Leslie

  • Role of chaos engineering

“[Chaos engineering] helps customers with a tool to be more reliable versus just the ability to observe or to see” – Josh Leslie

  • Cultural impact of chaos engineering

“When we have a planned event where we get several teams from the company together in a room or virtually, what we do is create a place to have a discussion and an opportunity to raise risks and concerns where we can address and act upon them as opposed to bringing them up later when it’s less effective.” – Kolton Andrus

  • What’s driving this change of role at the company?

“…Bringing in somebody that has a lot of depth and experience in running and operating these infrastructure companies makes a lot of business sense to help us scale and be more effective and efficient” – Kolton Andrus

  • Josh’s vision for the company

“Gremlin, as a company, has really captured some major customers and this technology is starting to seep into mainstream acceptance. I believe that there’s an opportunity to build a very large company here that is really a standard way of how people think about building infrastructure in the future.”

  • Role of Kolton as CTO

“People are hungry for a more holistic approach and view about the reliability of their systems. The engineers are in need of a more prescriptive, guided approach to get started. I feel my dedicated time and attention will help those efforts yield a better product” – Kolton Andrus

  • Security; preaching vs practice

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how awareness has grown over the past two to three years. It’s rare now that I’m explaining what chaos engineering is” – Kolton Andrus

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