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Meet The Open Source OpenLEADR Project


Guest: Stan Janssen
Organizations: LF Energy (LinkedIn, Twitter)
ElaadNL Foundation (Twitter)
Show: State of Energy

EVs are the future of transportation and innovations in this space are going to have an impact on other industries too, as most of this is driven by open source, which will help reduce our carbon footprint.

“If we can be smarter about when and how we use energy, the less reliant we’re going to be on fossil fuels and renewable energy thus bringing about the much-needed transition towards the decarbonized global economy,” opines  Stan Janssen, Technical Expert at the ElaadNL Foundation and LF Energy .

The ElaadNL Foundation was founded in 2009 by the Dutch distribution system operators with the goal to kickstart electric vehicles in the Netherlands. “We rolled out thousands of electric charging stations as some of the earliest communication protocols and the designs of those stations originated at Elaad and we are still the stewards of the worldwide used OCPP standard for electric charging stations,” says Janssen.

The last couple of years has seen the Foundation focusing on what it calls smart charging, which is to adjust the charging speeds and times to periods of optimal renewable energy use or when the grid capacity is available. ElaadNL embraced the open-source openADR project which is an established protocol for automated demand response backed by an established foundation.

ElaadNL Foundation felt that OpenADR can solve a great deal of problems for many industries, but being a very comprehensive protocol its implementation was a big stumbling block for companies and organizations. So they set out to create an open source project around OpenADR called OpenLEADR. That’s when they looked to  the Linux Foundation Energy for the creation of the project.

“We didn’t have any experience with creating open source software ourselves and that’s when we got in touch with the Linux Foundation Energy,” says Janssen. “In November of 2020, we went live with the first open source version of openLEADR under the LF Energy flag and it’s been very popular ever since.”

Check out the full discussion about the project above.

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