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Meet Zorow, An Open Mainframe Project For z/OS Systems


Guest: Hiren Shah (LinkedIn)
Organization: Open Mainframe Project (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

Zorow stands for z/OS Open Repository of Workflows, which provides a community and GitHub repository for z/OS system programmers and product vendors to contribute and collaborate with z/OSMF workflows. The project is driven by a very diverse and vibrant community, including IBM, z customers and other vendors.

According to Hiren Shah, Chair of the Open Mainframe Project (OMP)’s Zorow project, “Our first and most important goal is a cross-team collaboration, enabling IBM, IBM customers and vendors to build and share common workflows for z/OS system management, configurations, and provisioning.”

The second major challenge for the Zorow community is to bridge the talent gap as most Mainframe experts are quite senior and the ecosystem needs to attract a new generation of developers so that the next generation of developers and users continue to reap the benefits of this critical technology.

The project is in incubation phase but Shah says that the team is “looking for a higher level of collaborations and once we start seeing that, we will open up the project and take it to the next phase from incubation to graduating it.”

What other challenges is the project trying to address? What kind of community is around the project? What roadmap does it have?…To get answers to all these questions, please watch the show above.

Topics we covered include:

  • Introduction to the Zorow project
  • What was the need for this project?
  • In addition to attracting new talent towards Open Mainframe, what other challenges is the project trying to address?
  • The project is in incubation phase. What does incubation mean for a project like this as it’s already been used in production?
  • How does the Zorow project work with other open source projects?
  • What kind of governance is there around the project?
  • What kind of community is there around the Zorow project?
  • What kind of roadmap do you have for this project?
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