Megaport’s Network-As-A-Service Solutions Help Flexify Customers Save Up To 80% In Cloud Migration Costs


Flexify, a data storage and multicloud migration provider, announced that its use of Megaport’s private connectivity resulted in massive cost savings for Flexify customers performing data migrations in multicloud environments. Flexify said it realized a five-fold increase in the amount of data customers have migrated over the past year while using Megaport’s private connectivity Network-as-a-Service solutions.

The case study, published by Megaport, focuses on how Flexify has been able to reduce cloud provider egress fees during data migrations and pass those savings on to customers. Cloud providers typically charge stiff fees when customers move their data out of cloud storage to their own data centers or to a different cloud provider. Charges currently range between 5 and 20 cents per gigabyte (GB), which can amount to thousands of dollars in egress fees per month.

In contrast, Flexify charges low, all-inclusive rates per GB of data transferred and, by using private connectivity, is able to eliminate most cloud provider egress fees altogether, passing up to 80% savings on to customers.

Companies are realizing they don’t have to depend on a single cloud provider and risk vendor lock-in. In fact, multicloud storage is becoming more mainstream. Flexify founder and CTO, Sergey Kandaurov, anticipates at least 10% of storage in the next few years will use some form of multicloud. However, many companies think that the high egress fees associated with moving their data between clouds are unavoidable.

Megaport offered Flexify a way to use private connectivity not only to greatly reduce egress fees for its customers, but also to optimize migrations. Megaport’s scalable, software-defined network allowed Flexify to provision links to virtual machines (VMs) during migrations as needed but also turn off connectivity when not needed. This makes data transfers faster, more reliable, and more secure.

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