Microsoft, Dell EMC launch Tactical Azure Stack


To help US government customers address “the tactical edge”, Microsoft has announced new intelligent cloud and intelligent edge capabilities. The company, in collaboration with Dell EMC, introduced the Tactical Microsoft Azure Stack. It enables organizations to bring Azure cloud to remote locations — the so-called “tactical edge.”

Tactical Azure Stack is claimed to be the first and only ruggedized Azure Stack product available for tactical edge deployments. It is said to bring an Azure consistent-cloud to operating environments with limited or no network connectivity; fully mobile, or high portability requirements; harsh conditions requiring military specifications solutions; and high security requirements, with optional connectivity to Azure Government, Azure Secret, and Azure Top Secret.

The management case includes the hardware lifecycle host, 25GbE Top of Rack switches, as well as the baseboard management switch. Additional “core” transit cases, each holding two T-R640 scale unit servers can be added up to the full node limits of Microsoft Azure Stack.

The product is expected to arrive in the United States during the first quarter of this year.

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