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Microsoft Launches Azure Government Top Secret Cloud


Microsoft has announced the expansion of its cloud for US Government with new capabilities in Azure Government. The company also announced Azure Government Top Secret——a new cloud to serve customers with Top Secret classified data, along with the expansion of Azure Government Secret.

Microsoft recently completed the buildout of new Azure Government Top Secret regions. The company is now working with the US Government on accreditation.

“Azure Government Top Secret regions are designed to provide the same capabilities as Azure (commercial), Azure Government, and Azure Government Secret, enabling a continuum of compute from mission cloud to tactical edge,” Tom Keane, corporate vice president of Azure Global, said in a blog post.

The broad range of services are expected to help meet the demand for greater agility in the classified space.

Microsoft has also announced several new services in Azure Government Secret; for application developers, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Azure Container Instances to help deploy and manage containerized applications more easily.

Customers including those in the US DoD, law enforcement, and other agencies are using Azure Government Secret today. Azure Government Secret is authorized by both Department of Defense Impact Level 6 (IL6) and Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 503.

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