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Microsoft Launches IoMT FHIR Connector For Azure


Microsoft has released a new tool called IoMT FHIR Connector for Azure, to securely ingest, normalize, and persist Protected Health Information (PHI) from IoMT devices in the cloud.

As Microsoft puts it, this OSS release opens an exciting new horizon for healthcare data management. It is said to empower application developers and technical professionals working with data from devices to ingest and transform that data into FHIR. By connecting to the Azure API for FHIR, developers can set up a secure pipeline to manage data from IoMT devices in the cloud.

The release enables provisioning for ingestion of IoMT data and connectivity to a designated FHIR Server for secure, private, and compliant persistence of PHI data in the cloud, the company said. Developers also benefit from normalization and integrated mapping to transform data to the HL7 FHIR R4 Standard.

The new IoMT FHIR Connector for Azure is now available in GitHub.

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