Microsoft-Oracle Team Up To Take on Amazon Web Services


In the public cloud world, there are two camps – AWS and non-AWS. Period. AWS dominates the public cloud space with huge margins.

No one else comes close. Not even Google and Microsoft.

But now Microsoft and Oracle are teaming up to make their offerings more compelling for users.

The partnership between Oracle and Microsoft creates interoperability between the cloud of the two companies that allow customers to migrate and run mission-critical enterprise workloads across Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Enterprises can connect Azure services, like Analytics and AI, to Oracle Cloud services, like Autonomous Database.

One of the key components of this partnership is a direct and super fast network between the two clouds so users don’t experience any latency whatsoever when running mission-critical applications.

What it means is that customers can run whichever workload makes more sense of whichever cloud, whether it be Azure or Oracle cloud.

Single sign-in will help users in better user provisioning and resource management across Azure and Oracle cloud.

The biggest advantage customers will see is the collaborative support model which will allow them to use the existing customer support relationships and processes with either of the two companies.

Cloud war is just starting we will see more such partnerships in the future to dethrone AWS from the Cloud Throne.

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