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Microsoft Releases Dapr


Ahead of its Ignite conference scheduled for November 4-8, 2019 in Orlando, FL, Microsoft has announced a new project called Dapr.

Dapr is an open source, portable, event-driven runtime. According to an official post, it makes it easy for developers to build resilient, microservice stateless and stateful applications that run on the cloud and edge. Dapr embraces the diversity of all programming languages and developer frameworks and simplifies building applications such as the e-commerce example, the blog post adds.

It comprises building blocks accessed by standard HTTP or gRPC APIs that can be called from any programming language. As Dapr is completely platform agnostic, developers can easily run their applications locally, on any Kubernetes cluster, and other hosting environments that Dapr integrates with.

Dapr also allows developers to build microservice applications that can run on both the cloud and edge with no code changes.

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