Microsoft Software Engineer, Jessie Frazelle Joins source{d} as Advisor


Jessie Frazelle, a Microsoft Open Source engineer, has joined source{d} as an advisor.

source{d}, an open core company, is building the tech stack that enables large-scale code analysis and machine learning on code.

“source{d} is not only a great open source citizen with projects like source{d} Engine and their collection of research papers on Machine Learning for code, they also have the expertise and user experience skills to make something that will be truly revolutionary to the way developers interact with code,” said Frazelle.

Frazelle is joining luminaries including Chris Aniszczyk, vice president at the Linux Foundation, Joseph Jacks, founder at OSS Capital, Julien Barbier, CEO at Holberton School and Patrick Chanezon, member of Technical Staff at Docker.

“We are incredibly lucky to have Jessie join source{d} as an advisor,” said Eiso Kant, CEO, source{d}. “Jessie is one of the best open source and engineering leaders I know, the whole team looks forward to collaborating with her to make sure developers and IT executives love our products even more.”

Aniszczyk, Barbier, Chanezon, Frazelle and Jacks all have something in common. They have all made very significant contributions to the OCI, CNCF, container and Kubernetes communities. Their respective expertise will help source{d} shape its product roadmap, encourage collaboration between the different actors of the Machine Learning on Code community while helping source{d} refine its open core business strategy.

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