Microsoft, Udacity Announce New $4 Million Training Collaboration


With AI engineers in high demand, Microsoft and online education provider Udacity have joined hands to offer low-code and advanced courses on Azure Machine Learning.

The new machine learning (ML) training collaboration worth $4 million kicks off with the the launch of Machine Learning Scholarship Program for Microsoft Azure, TechRepublic said in a report.

The program represents the first of several programs from Udacity and Microsoft to deliver training for Azure cloud services. Additionally, it provides students with an opportunity to earn a scholarship to the new machine learning Nanodegree program with Microsoft Azure.

The scholarship begins with the two-month-long course: Introduction to machine learning on Azure with a Low-code Experience. This is a single course focused on completing prerequisites for the full Nanodegree program where students will be supported by a community moderated by Udacity.

This interactive course will let students deep dive into the world of machine learning by working in the labs with training models and laying the foundations for both supervised (classification and regression) and unsupervised (clustering) approaches.

A new feature of this course is Azure Labs, in which students work with live Azure environments directly within the Udacity classroom, resulting in an enhanced learning.

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