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Microsoft’s rumored Chrome OS competitor could be Lite


There have been media reports about a new lightweight version of Windows 10 OS, dubbed as Windows Lite, since late last year. The OS is designed to compete with Google’s Chrome OS in the education market. According to the latest report by Sam Davis (he has been covering Microsoft for a long time now), the new version is being referred by Redmond as only ‘Lite’ and not ‘Windows Lite’.

Microsoft could use this (Lite) as the shipping name of the new OS. But it may invite trouble for the company as Chinese tech giant Huawei currently uses LiteOS for its IoT device, Davis said. It is worth mentioning here that Microsoft didn’t stop at naming its OS for IoT, Sphere OS, despite the fact that VMware has a product family called vSphere.

Talking in terms of hardware, Lite will be seen in two types of devices – Centaurus and Pegasus. “Centaurus devices are the dual-screen devices that have been floating around in patents and other places while Pegasus refers to the many variations of different styles of laptops running the OS,” Davis explained.

The OS will only run Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and UWP (apps from the Microsoft store). It might have excited Linux fans, if Microsoft chose some Linux based distribution to power ‘Lite’.

More details on Lite OS should be revealed at Microsoft’s Build conference scheduled to take place in May.

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