Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2019 now available for download


Microsoft has announced the general availability of Visual Studio 2019, which improves on Visual Studio 2017 in a few areas. With the release, you can get into your code more quickly. Visual Studio 2019 makes it simpler to clone a Git repo or to open an existing project or folder, Microsoft said.

Its advanced features can help you build applications or games for the web, Azure, Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

Visual Studio 2019 also introduces improvements to the template selection screen to make it easier to start a new project. While you’re coding, you’ll notice that Visual Studio 2019 improves code navigation and adds many refactorings, as well as a document health indicator and one-click code clean-up to apply multiple refactoring rules.

Improvements to the debugging experience are also part of this release. These include data breakpoints for .NET Core apps that help you break only on value changes you’re looking for. It also includes get AI-assisted code completion with Visual Studio IntelliCode.

These capabilities work with both your existing project and new projects – from cross-platform C++ applications, to .NET mobile apps for Android and iOS written using Xamarin, to cloud-native applications using Azure services.

Additionally, Microsoft has announced the general availability of Visual Studio 2019 for Mac – the next major version of its .NET IDE on the Mac.

This release is now available as an update in the Stable channel for existing Visual Studio for Mac users. If you are among new users, you can still download as well as install it.

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