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With Docker Enterprise Acquisition, Mirantis Accelerated Container Adoption


Guest: Adrian Ionel (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Mirantis (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

It’s been more than two years since Mirantis acquired Docker’s Enterprise Platform business. We invited Adrian Ionel, CEO, Co-Founder and Chairman of Mirantis, to join us on Let’s Talk and reflect on this acquisition. “I’m immensely grateful and extremely proud of what the new colleagues who joined us from Docker Enterprise have accomplished within our company and how they transformed the company,” said Ionel.

The acquisition also helped Mirantis grow, “I think we won about 100 new logos since the acquisition, the vast majority of them on the Container platform. And they are among the best brands you can imagine in the industry,” said Ionel.

He also talked about the acquisition of Lens and how both Docker Enterprise and Lens have enriched the customer base of Mirantis by helping customers wherever they are in their cloud journey.

Check out the whole interview above.

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