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Mirantis Lens Is Helping DevOps Manage Kubernetes Complexity With Ease | Miska Kaipiainen | Kubecon EU


Kubernetes is a great equalizer in terms of technical capabilities; even the smaller  players are capable of doing things that were only available for the biggest and technologically advanced companies in the past,” says Miska Kaipiainen, VP of Engineering, Strategy & Open Source Software at Mirantis.

I have been covering Mirantis Lens, the Kubernetes IDE (Integrated Development Environment), ever since it was acquired and launched by Mirantis. Mirantis Lens has seen significant user growth since its release two years ago and now boasts more than 600,000 users. At KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2022, I had the opportunity to sit down with Kaipiainen in person and talk about Lens. According to Kaipiainen, one of the reasons behind the popularity of Lens is that it helps developers cope with the complexity of Kubernetes and make things easier and simpler.

Lens will be getting new features and functionalities in the next release. I will be covering them once Mirantis can publicly talk about them. However, Kaipiainen indicated that there would be an increased focus on security and integration with the local development workflow.

Among other things, we also talked about DevOpsCare and how it’s helping DevOps teams as a co-pilot to help them with their cloud-native journey as compared to ‘outsourcing’ it. It actually helps teams gain expertise in cloud-native technologies.

Key highlights of this video are:

  • Mirantis is seeing substantial growth of Lens users. It grew from 15,000 users to 600,000 since its launch in March 2020
  • This growth is reflective of the growing adoption of cloud itself.
  • Mirantis DevOpsCare is more of a co-pilot to help companies embark on their cloud-native journey.
  • Lens will get enhanced security and improved integration with local development workflow.
  • What does shift left mean for Mirantis and Lens.


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The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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