MongoDB 5.0 Hits GA With Native Time Series Support


MongoDB has announced a series of product enhancements from the keynote stage of MongoDB’s annual conference, These updates include the launch and general availability of MongoDB 5.0 with native time series support, the preview of serverless databases in MongoDB Atlas, and the continued evolution of its application data platform with enhancements to Atlas Search, Atlas Data Lake, and MongoDB’s end-to-end mobile data solution, Realm.

According to the company, MongoDB 5.0 makes it even easier to support a broader range of workloads, introduces new ways of future-proofing applications, and further enhances privacy and security.

Native Time Series collections, clustered indexing, and window functions make it easier, faster, and lower cost to build and run applications like IoT and financial analytics, and to enrich enterprise data with time series measurements.

Live Resharding allows users to change the shard key for collections on-demand as workloads grow and evolve, with no database downtime or complex migrations.

Developers can now future-proof their applications with the Versioned API. The application lifecycle can be decoupled from the database lifecycle, providing a level of investment protection that is ahead of other databases.

Also, MongoDB’s Client-Side Field Level Encryption (FLE) now brings some of the strongest data privacy controls to multi-cloud clusters.

Developers can now get the flexible, expressive power of the document database with the ease of a serverless model. Serverless instances, now available in preview, support the latest MongoDB capabilities so users never have to worry about backwards compatibility or upgrades.

Users simply choose a cloud region to get started, then start building with documents that map directly to objects into code.

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