MongoDB To Sponsor The Chasing Grace Project 


MongoDB, the creators of open source database software, has become the newest partner and sponsor of the Chasing Grace Project.

The Chasing Grace Project is an ambitious endeavor of Jennifer Cloer, one of the most influential people in the open source world. It’s a documentary series about women in tech.

“It takes a very real look at the adversities they face but shines a spotlight on how they are rising above those adversities to chart successful careers in tech and influence change for the next generation. We hope to help recruit and retain female talent for the tech industry and to give a platform for everyday women in tech to share their stories,” said Cloer about the project.

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Ever since the launch of the project, it has been gaining momentum and support from the tech industry. Today, MongoDB is joining the project as a sponsor.

Diversity & Inclusion at MongoDB

MongoDB is a perfect partner for this project as diversity and inclusion is quite important to the company.

“One of MongoDB’s values is “embrace the power of differences” and the Chasing Grace Film project exemplifies that statement in all possible ways,” said Steph Johnson, vice president of corporate communications, MongoDB.

At MongoDB World in June the company hosted a Women & Trans Coders Lounge, which was an inclusive area where people could learn and socialize with other professionals in tech who identify as women and/or trans.

“We are breaking down the barriers that prevent underrepresented groups in technology from attending tech conferences and offer Diversity Scholarships to MongoDB events,” said Johnson, “We are committed to creating a culture of inclusion by seeking and valuing employees from different backgrounds and circumstances. As a person with Tourette Syndrome, I am proud to work at a company that recognizes that inclusion must go beyond differences you can see to encompass things like neurodiversity.”

The Next Phase of the Chasing Grace Cinematic Universe

The Chasing Grace Project films are screened exclusively at tech events and at theaters. Though, it may hit Netflix one day. With the new sponsorship, the project is entering its new phase which introduces new formats of storytelling. The project is producing episodes #3 and #4, which introduce a new format and a couple of new topics.

“Both episodes feature women talking with each other around a table about the diversity of experiences, from race and ability to socioeconomic backgrounds, and about women in leadership positions,” said Cloer.

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One of the reasons for experimenting with the new format is that ‘there is something different that happens in a group than in the one-on-one interview. We’re excited to premiere these and to screen them at conferences and with companies who want to integrate this content into their employee workshops,” Cloer explained.

The focus of these episodes is on how these experiences and careers are influencing the way these women show up to build and solve business problems in tech. She thinks these are both really important topics to explore for recruiting and retaining women in tech and building an inclusive community.

While the project inspires women to come out and tell their stories, it has been an inspiration for Cloer herself. “We’re 2 years into a 4+ year project and it just keeps giving back to us, and I hope to the entire industry. With every story I hear from women around the world, I’m inspired to keep building out this platform and to keep screening in new places all over the world. I believe story changes the culture and that’s what we’re aiming to do.”

Cloer said that adversity is like rocket fuel for women, not only for rising above to chart a successful career in tech but to aim even higher. “A common theme in every story is resilience among women that results in doing things their own way, from starting their own businesses to a community to support women to other important efforts that go way beyond the self,” she said, “One woman told me she really wished she didn’t have to endure adversity to get to where she’s at, which I can appreciate. But she also said that without it, she’s not sure she would have moved to the level she’s at in her career nor has started one for the largest regional communities of women in tech.”

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