Moogsoft has advanced observability in the cloud to meet the demands of a software-defined world. Available today, the Moogsoft Observability Cloud empowers DevOps practitioners and SRE teams with deeper insight and automation across the process of monitoring and event management.

The Moogsoft Observability Cloud extends AI-based intelligence to raw observability data. It turns metric and event data into actionable insights by automating anomaly detection, surfacing important alerts and correlating everything together.

This provides teams better visibility about their services, advanced warning of potential outages, and context about the incidents which cause them. With this information, teams can more efficiently collaborate, learn, improve, and innovate their services.

The Moogsoft Observability Cloud includes a simple onboarding process with guided tours that provide valuable results in minutes, not days or weeks. It also features a native collector that ingests time-series metric data directly from sources such as Amazon EC2, Docker, MongoDB, Redis and more. Other metrics can also be ingested via a user-definable metrics API.

It also enables integrations with collaboration tools such as PagerDuty, and the ability to send data to an endpoint of the user’s choosing with an open webhook API.

The Moogsoft Observability Cloud is now available as a free trial.

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