Mycelial Raises $3.8 Million In Seed Round Led By Crane Venture Partners

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Mycelial has raised $3.8 million in its Seed round led by Crane Venture Partners and is releasing its open source platform in private beta. The company will use the funding to build a world-class team to advance offline-first, secure and efficient app-to-app communication for developers.

Mycelial’s private beta will launch with the ability to create and manage distributed stateful actors. Users will be able to seamlessly pass data between actors, add custom behavior and update that behavior over time, pipe in/extract data and consume data from anywhere their applications can run.

Developers can connect their database of choice, hosted in their own virtual private cloud (VPC) to unlock time travel debugging and gain the power to understand the state of their system over time. Mycelial’s WebAssembly-based runtime provides speed, security and language agnosticism.

Mycelial also ensures data ownership by synchronizing user states without storing data, empowering developers to set the rules around their data from the point of origin. Mycelial’s transformation engine enables developers to write code in JavaScript or any language that compiles to WebAssembly. Extract data, transform it, and integrate with APIs without bleeding it through your services and infrastructure.

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