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NetBrain Problem Diagnosis Automation System Helps Enterprises Efficiently Manage Their Multi-Cloud Networks


NetBrain Technologies, the network-intent based automation and visibility solution provider for hybrid networks, has launched the fourth generation of its product with a new Problem Diagnosis Automation System (PDAS) powered by its patented Network Intent technologies. The PDA System enables operations to define network intent without having to write a single line of code which documents and enforces baseline intents.

By understanding the intents of any hybrid network, the NetBrain PDA System will dramatically reduce the time needed to diagnose network problems. Furthermore, it is a powerful way to enforce design rules and compliance policy to prevent human error-induced outages.

NetBrain PDAS extends the reach of existing ITSM and data monitoring systems through integration with those systems, including ServiceNow and BMC Remedy. The NetBrain PDA System begins working on problems the moment they occur, in most cases long before technical resources are assigned. NetBrain understands the intention of what is needed, conducts automatic diagnosis based on desired intent, and then populates its findings directly in the ITSM provider’s service ticket.

Finally, NetBrain captures additional operator-led problem resolution and makes those resolutions repeatable and sharable across any organization, all without the need for code or programming of any type. This intent-based automation significantly reduces the MTTRs being seen as well saving a typical enterprise millions of dollars per month on operational resources.

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